KFC "Kenta lucky bag"

Introducing the 2022 lucky bags together. Check out all the gourmet lucky bags from Papubbure, KINOKUNIYA, Ootoya, Kenta, and Sarutahiko Coffee. * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.


The 2022 " lucky bag " will be on sale from the art candy shop "PAPABUBBLE". There are three types of lucky bags: "pine," "bamboo," and "plum."

Papubbure "lucky bag"


" KINOKUNIYA New Year Happy Bag " will be on sale from the first sale in 2022 at KINOKUNIYA. In addition, two types of "KINOKUNIYA New Year's Envelopes" will be sold only at stores.



At Ootoya, there will be three types of " Manpuku Bag Tokumori ," "Manpuku Bag Omori," and "Digital Meal Tickets," which are packed with the largest deals in Ootoya history.

Ootoya "Manpuku Bag Tokumori"

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken (Kenta) will sell a limited number of " Kenta Lucky Bags ". A set of a voucher common to all KFC stores (equivalent to 2,870 yen), a "KFC original pocket mini tote", and a "New Year's gift coupon pass" that can be used any number of times during the period.

KFC "Kenta lucky bag"

Sarutahiko Coffee

A menu for the year-end and New Year holidays will be available from Sarutahiko Coffee. Seasonal drink "Kintoki Imo Latte", original blend coffee "Otoshidama Blend", and " Fukubukuro 2022 -Store version- (15 drip bags) " "Fukubukuro 2022 -Online version- (27 drip bags)" Will be prepared.

Sarutahiko Coffee "Fukubukuro 2022 -Store version- (15 drip bags)"