2022 "Kenta lucky bag"

"Kenta Lucky Bag" will be on sale from January 1, 2022 in limited quantities from Kentucky Fried Chicken. The price is 2,500 yen (tax included).

Kenta lucky bag

A "Kenta lucky bag" with a KFC all-store voucher (equivalent to 2,870 yen), a "KFC original pocket mini tote", and a "New Year's gift coupon pass" that can be used any number of times during the period.

The "KFC Original Pocket Mini Tote" is designed for ease of use. It's the perfect size for a little outing, and has two large pockets that can be easily subdivided. Because it is self-supporting, it is also very useful as a storage box. With red and white bicolor, string ties and kernel logo, it has a simple yet KFC-like design.

The contents of the set are as follows.

・ Vouchers common to all KFC stores (3 "original chicken 2-piece vouchers" and 2 "sandwich vouchers" totaling 2,870 yen)
・ KFC Original Pocket Mini Tote ・ New Year's Gift Coupon Pass

* The "Otoshidama Coupon Pass" is a coupon pass that allows you to purchase original chicken and sand sets as many times as you like. * The "KFC All Stores Common Voucher" and "Otoshidama Coupon Pass" are valid for March 31, 2022. Day. Not available at some stores.