Chouya-an "Drunkenness Fukubukuro 2022 'Butterfly Set'"

Choya Umeshu's mail-order store, Choya-an, will release a limited edition of 50 sets of non-alcoholic "Drunken Fukubukuro 2022 'Butterfly Set'" on January 1, 2022. Reservations are being accepted at Chouya-an (limited quantity, so reservations will be closed as soon as they are gone).

Drunken Lucky Bag 2022 "Butterfly Set

The "Premium Fukubukuro 2022", an assortment of umeshu (Japanese plum wine), has been very popular, and this time, the "Drunken Fukubukuro 2022 'Butterfly Set'", a non-alcoholic Fukubukuro, has been requested.

The "Fully Ripe Ume Syrup" and "Honey Ume Syrup," made from fully ripe Nanko plums from Kishu, can be enjoyed as a plum drink when mixed with water or soda water, or poured over yogurt.

This set includes "Ume Jelly," which is very popular among children for its plump texture, "Ume Shibori," a rich and sweet-sour ume drink with 660mg of citric acid in each bottle, and "Specially Selected Choya Ginseng Liquid," which contains ginseng and 12 kinds of herbaceous bark, and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Chouya-an "Drunkenness Fukubukuro 2022 'Butterfly Set'"

The total value of 5,864 yen is reduced by 14% to 5,000 yen (tax included, free shipping), and will be shipped sequentially after January 6, 2022.