Ootoya "Manpuku Bag Tokumori"

At each Ootoya store, "Manpuku Bag Tokumori" and "Manpuku Bag Omori", which are packed with the largest deals in Ootoya history, will be on sale in limited quantities from December 27th to January 7th, 2022. The web-only "Digital Meal Ticket" will be on sale from 11:00 on December 27th to 23:59 on January 31st, 2022.

Manpuku bag special

Includes Ootoya original product worth 4,710 yen + 2 Manpukupon books (booklet coupon). The price is 4,000 yen (a maximum of 4,200 yen can be saved).

Manpuku bag large serving

Includes Ootoya original product worth 2,270 yen + 1 full-pukupon (booklet coupon). The price is 2,000 yen (a maximum of 2,100 yen can be saved).

* Limited quantity, will end as soon as each store runs out.
* Please contact each store for reservation and sales status.
* Not available at some stores.

Digital meal voucher

A digital meal voucher that can be used at all Ootoya stores. You can purchase from the Ootoya official website / QR code inside the Ootoya store (Rakuten points / Ootoya passport card points can be awarded). Not only for yourself, but also recommended as a gift for family and friends due to the sharing function.

Ootoya "Digital Meal Ticket"

・ 2,000 yen digital meal ticket (1,000 yen x 2 + 500 yen x 1) 2,500 yen equivalent ・ 4,000 yen digital meal ticket (1,000 yen x 4 + 500 yen x 2) 5,000 yen equivalent ・ 6,000 yen digital meal Ticket (1,000 yen x 6 sheets + 500 yen x 3 sheets) equivalent to 7,500 yen