KINOKUNIYA New Year Happy Bag

"KINOKUNIYA New Year Happy Bag" will be on sale from the first sale in 2022 at each KINOKUNIYA store. In addition, two types of "KINOKUNIYA New Year's Envelopes" will be sold only at stores.

KINOKUNIYA New Year Happy Bag

A happy bag filled with homemade bread "Pondequejo-style cheese bun", popular sweets, and miscellaneous goods. It is a great value set with novelty. There are two types of bag colors, blue and red.

KINOKUNIYA New Year Happy Bag

The contents are soy milk donut, pondequejo style cheese bun, mix sen, chocolate rusk milk chocolate flavor, organic drip coffee, slide zipper bag M size, happy bag (blue or red) 1 point each. The price is 1,944 yen (tax included, same below).

The KINOKUNIYA online shop sells bags with some changes in color and contents.


Red envelopes sold from December 29th to December 31st at KINOKUNIYA's national store, international store, Kamakura store, Todoroki store, Kichijoji store, Lasca Hiratsuka store, and online shop only. There are two types of red envelopes, 11,000 yen and 33,000 yen.

Red envelope (11,000 yen)

KINOKUNIYA Red Envelope (11,000 yen)

8 kinds of colorful okaki select, soy milk donut, chimentai, cheese sardine, soup curry medium spicy, pancake mix, drip coffee blue mountain, corn dressing, weber chocolate, fresco baldi EXV olive oil laudemio, organic maple syrup, Iyokan from Ehime prefecture One piece of butter is packed in each.

Red envelope (33,000 yen)

KINOKUNIYA Red Envelope (33,000 yen)

Moe Chandon Don Perignon, grilled chin, luxurious egg truffle soy sauce, GOYA organic EXV olive oil, bukkake mackerel rice, tiramisu chocolate assortment, butter chicken curry sora beans, black garlic from Aomori prefecture, luxurious grilled oyster curry, domestic Beef stew, shijimi soup, blueberry butter from Kumamoto prefecture, ALL domestic Amaou strawberry jam, large nut mix (value), raisin chocolate pickled in precious roasted wine (bitter), and 5 pieces of Ogura pie are packed.