Kushikatsu Tanaka lucky bag

Introducing the 2022 lucky bags together. Check out all the gourmet lucky bags from Gion Tsujiri, Kushikatsu Tanaka, Maisen, Ginza Sembikiya, and Vie de France. * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Gion Tsujiri

Gion Tsujiri's official online shop will sell a limited number of " Yoshiharu Matcha Lucky Bags ". "Tote bag", "Daifukucha", "Pure gold tea", "Chasen", and matcha sweets "Tsujiri no Sato" and "Gion no Sato" are packed.

Gion Tsujiri "Yoshiharu Matcha Lucky Bag"

Kushikatsu Tanaka

At Kushikatsu Tanaka's official online shop, Kushikatsu Tanaka's first " lucky bag " will be on sale in limited quantities. There are two types of lineup, "3,000 yen lucky bag" and "5,000 yen lucky bag".

Kushikatsu Tanaka lucky bag


" Maisen lucky bag " will be sold at Maisen's directly managed stores. Assorted pork soup and pork jerky using the original brand pork "Sweet Temptation" including fillet and sand on the signature menu, it is said that it will be sold at a discounted price of 40 to 50% than usual.

Maisen "Maisen lucky bag"

Ginza Sembikiya

It was announced on the official website that a limited number of " fun bags " will be available at Ginza Sembikiya. Assorted sweets with fruits. There are three types: "Ginza Jelly (9 pieces)", "Ginza Millefeuille (6 pieces)" and "Ginza Raisin Sand (6 pieces)".

Ginza Sembikiya "Fun Bag"

Vie de France

It was announced on the official website that " lucky bags " will appear from VIE DE FRANCE. It is packed with "original felt bags" designed to be easy to use, "shopping tickets", and bread and soup recommended by Vie de France.

VIE DE FRANCE "lucky bag"