Papubbure 2022 "lucky bag"

The 2022 "lucky bag" will be on sale from the art candy shop "PAPABUBBLE". The price is 3,000 yen for pine, 2,000 yen for bamboo, and 1,000 yen for plum (all including tax).

Lucky bag

Lucky bags are available in three types: "pine," "bamboo," and "plum." I want to eat a lot of candy! I want to enjoy other sweets too! A lineup that can respond to various voices. Reservations and handling status vary depending on the store, so please contact the store of your choice directly.

4 bags of pine candy (40g (1.41oz)), 1 box of pubblets (9 pieces), 1 bag of mini milk croquis road, 1 set of subdivided fruit mix (10 bags)

5 bags of bamboo candy (40g (1.41oz))

2 bags of plum candy (40g (1.41oz)), 1 SS lollipop