Appeared in "HITSCHIES Mermaid Mix" PLAZA

"HITSCHIES Mermaid Mix" will be released sequentially from December 22nd at PLAZA / MINiPLA and PLAZA's EC site "PLAZA Online Store". The price is 421 yen each.

"HITSCHIES Mermaid Mix", a trend item known as "Mermaid Candy", which has been attracting attention in online videos centering on the popular ASMR video, has finally appeared in PLAZA / MINiPLA.


In a cute package of pastel purple and mint green, there is a lot of soft candy in an elongated shape. The glittering appearance, like pearls, is reminiscent of the fancy world of mermaids.

Contains 4 flavors of passion fruit, mixed berries, raspberries and vanilla. When chewed, the outer coating is crispy and crispy, and the texture is pleasant, and the taste of the soft candy on the inside spreads softly. In addition, "Original Mix" and "Bubble Gum" will be released at the same time.

・ HITSCHIES Mermaid mixed passion fruit, mixed berries, raspberries, and vanilla are included.

・ HITSCHIES Original mixed cherry, strawberry, lemon, green apple, grape 5 types included.

・ HITSCHIES Bubble Gum A rich and sweet flavor inspired by overseas bubble gum flavors.