"Daigakuimo" recipe that can be easily made without frying

Here are three "Daigaku-imo-style recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "University pumpkin", "university toast", easy "university potato" without frying. * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article.

University pumpkin

Introducing a recipe for " university pumpkin " that uses sweet potatoes, not the sweet potato "daigakuimo"! Although it is an autumn taste companion, sweet potatoes have a different sweetness and taste, and are excellent not only as snacks but also as side dishes.

"University pumpkin" recipe

University toast

" University toast " that can be made with bread in 5 minutes. The area near the ears is crispy, and the place where the sauce is applied is moist and juicy. The sweet and sour taste of university food spreads in your mouth along with the aroma of bread.

Recipe "University Toast"

Easy without frying in a frying pan Daigakuimo

A recipe for " Daigakuimo " that can be easily made with just one frying pan without frying. You can enjoy the crispy and fragrant sweetness! For autumn snacks. The sweetness of candy and the sweetness of potatoes are mixed, and the rich sesame seeds with black sesame are just like Daigakuimo!

"Daigakuimo" recipe that can be easily made without frying