Queens Isetan "Luxury Shark Fin Soup"

"Luxury shark fin soup" will appear in Queen's Isetan's frozen soup series. Shark fin and Jinhua ham are used, and it is said to be a dish suitable for Christmas and New Year's dining tables. It will be on sale in limited quantities from December 15th. It can be purchased from stores as well as from the official online shop. The content is 185g (6.53oz) and the selling price is 735 yen (tax included).

Luxury shark fin soup

Queens Isetan "Luxury Shark Fin Soup"

One of the "ISETAN MITSUKOSHI THE FOOD" brands of Queens Isetan. It is a new flavor of the original frozen soup series manufactured at our own factory, and it is characterized by being able to enjoy the taste of the ingredients by our original freezing technology.

As the name suggests, ingredients with the theme of "luxury" are used. Shark fins have been added to the soup, which is made by boiling Jinhua ham, flavored vegetables, dried scallops, and chicken gala, which are known as high-class ham, and extracting the umami. It is said that an amount that can be visually recognized was used so that the texture and texture could be felt.

The soup is golden and has a light flavor, but the sweetness of the vegetables and the umami of the fat of Jinhua ham are exuded and the richness remains firmly.