Bikkuri Donkey "Donkey Enjoyment Set"

At the hamburger restaurant "Bikkuri Donkey", a "Donkey Enjoyment Set" will be offered for a limited time. Offer period is from November 25th to January 25th, 2022.

Donkey enjoyment set

The "Donkey Enjoyment Set" is a free hamburger steak, soup, drink, dessert or à la carte, with the hope that you will be surprised to enjoy Donkey's commitment at the same time during the year-end and New Year holidays when you have many opportunities to gather with family, relatives and friends. A set menu for a limited time that you can taste at once in combination.

Bikkuri Donkey "Donkey Enjoyment Set"

You can customize the set contents to your favorite combination of hamburger dish, soup, drink, dessert or a la carte. You can choose your favorite product from 5 types of hamburger dish, 2 types of soup, 5 types of drink, and 3 types of dessert or à la carte, and there are 150 combinations in total.

STEP1: Choose a hamburger dish

☆ You can choose one of the five types of hamburger dish. Hamburger dish (150g / 300g) / "Regular", "Cheese", "Egg", "Grated so", "Pine"

STEP2: Choose soup

☆ You can choose one of the two types of soup, "miso soup" and "corn soup"

STEP3: Choose a drink

☆ You can choose one of 5 types of drinks: "Single Estate Coffee", "Cafe on the Rock", "Milk Love Cafe", "Sun Orange", "Strawberry Milk"

STEP4: Choose dessert or a la carte

☆ You can choose one from two types of dessert and one type of a la carte Dessert / "Strawberry soft", "Coffee soft"
A la carte / "Surprised French fries"

Donkey enjoyment set (regular) 150g / 300g 1,430 yen / 1,870 yen Donkey enjoyment set (cheese) 150g / 300g 1,595 yen / 2,035 yen Donkey enjoyment set (egg / grated so / pine) 150g / 300g 1,540 yen / 1,980 yen