Simple recipe for "fox meatball sandwich"

Here are three "tsukune recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Chicken meatballs with fluffy tofu" and "fox meatballs sandwich". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed article page

Eggplant chicken meatball

Introducing the recipe for " Gollow eggplant chicken meatballs " made by adding eggplant, ginger, and perilla to minced chicken. Soft and tender chicken meatballs and juicy eggplant. The texture is gentle and moist.

Recipe for "Rumbling eggplant chicken meatballs"

Chicken meatballs with fluffy tofu

Introducing the recipe for " chicken meatballs with fluffy tofu " that is fluffy baked with healthy minced chicken and tofu. It's moist and fluffy, and it's not dry, and it's very delicious with a sweet and spicy sauce! The fluffy scent of ginger and sesame oil is also appetizing.

Recipe for "Chicken meatballs with fluffy tofu"

Fox Tsukune Sandwich

Here is a simple recipe for " Fox Tsukune Sandwich " that you should definitely add to the standard snacks for home drinking. Beer goes crazy! By the way, ginger can be used in a tube, but it is recommended that you do your best to chop it because it feels better when you eat it.

Simple recipe for "fox meatball sandwich"