Recipe for "Rumbling eggplant chicken meatballs"

Here are three "eggplant recipes" that the Eggplant editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Rumbling eggplant chicken meatballs" and "stir-fried eggplant and avocado miso". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article

Stir-fried eggplant and avocado with miso

Introducing the recipe of " stir-fried eggplant and avocado miso " that combines eggplant and avocado. The slightly sweet miso taste is gently entwined with the melting texture of eggplant and avocado.

Recipe for "stir-fried eggplant and avocado miso"

Deep-fried eggplant and peppers

Introducing the recipe for " fried eggplant and peppers ". It's a classic Japanese side dish, but you won't get tired of it no matter how many times you eat it, and you'll want to eat it again! This time, it is "fried" with a little oil, so post-treatment is easy.

"Fried eggplant and peppers" recipe

Eggplant chicken meatball

Introducing the recipe for " Gollow eggplant chicken meatballs " made by adding eggplant, ginger, and perilla to minced chicken. It has a soft and juicy texture. It's lightly seasoned, so it's recommended to add salt or ponzu to your liking.

Recipe for "Rumbling eggplant chicken meatballs"