"Tofu pavé chocolate" recipe

Introducing recipes for sweets using "tofu". There are 7 items: "Tofu Pancake", "Tofu Scone", "Banana Pudding", "Tofu Donut", "Tofu Raw Chocolate", "Tofu Yogurt Mousse" and "Tofu Shiratama".

Tofu pancakes

"Tofu pancake" recipe

Simply crumble the tofu, mix it with milk, and bake the dough with the pancake mix in a frying pan. An exquisite pancake with a refreshing outside and a plump and chewy inside is completed. It swells well and is fluffy, but when you eat it, you'll be happy that it doesn't become moist and melts in your mouth.

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Tofu scones

"Tofu scone" recipe

Simply mix the crushed tofu with the pancake mix and bake the dough mixed with chocolate chunks in the oven for about 10 minutes. The surface is crispy and the inside is fluffy! The mouthfeel is moist and the slightly light sweetness is also a good impression.

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Banana pudding

"Banana pudding" recipe

The main ingredients are tofu and bananas only! Mix the tofu that has been thoroughly drained with the softened banana that has been heated in the microwave, put it in a container, and cool it in the refrigerator to harden it. Topped with cinnamon, cocoa, honey, jam, etc. to your liking!

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Tofu donuts

"Tofu donut recipe

Simply fry the dough, which is a mixture of silken tofu, pancake mix, and eggs, in oil heated to 180 degrees for about 5 minutes. When you bite into it, the surface is fragrant and the inside is fluffy and airy! Each one is lighter than a normal donut, so it's a dangerous taste that goes crazy.

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Tofu pavé chocolate

"Tofu pavé chocolate" recipe

Mix the smooth crushed silk tofu with the crushed and boiled chocolate bar. You can add Western liquor to add aroma if you like. Cool it in the refrigerator, harden it, cut it into bite-sized pieces, and sprinkle it with cocoa powder. The fluffy, soft and smooth mouthfeel is just raw chocolate. The bitterness and flavor of chocolate is enhanced by the fact that no fresh cream is used, resulting in a crisp taste.

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Tofu yogurt mousse

"Tofu yogurt mousse" recipe

Put tofu, yogurt, jam, and melted gelatin in a storage bag and squeeze it. Spread a small piece of sponge cake in a glass, pour in the dough, and cool it in the refrigerator to complete. The mellow richness of tofu and yogurt is accented with sweet and sour jam. It is a recipe that you want to use for a little hospitality dessert.

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Tofu shiratama

"Tofu Shiratama" recipe

Mix Joshinko and silk tofu, roll them, and boil them in plenty of hot water. After chilling it with water and draining it, add soybean flour and red beans! Shiratama with tofu has a crisper and softer texture than Shiratama with Joshinko alone. It is chewy and chewy, and it is more satisfying to eat. Not only as a snack, it is also recommended to use it as a pot or miso soup instead of mochi!

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