Tenya "Ryona Tendon"
(All images are from Tendon Tendon official website)

It was announced on the official website that "Ryona Tendon" has appeared in Tendon Tenya. A cup of tempura such as "Sakaiminato landed horse mackerel" and "myoga" is used as a menu to survive the summer. A "Ryona Tendon Bento" will also be prepared for take-out.

Ryona Tendon

Tenya "Ryona Tendon"

"Ryona Tendon" was selected as a gold medal in an in-house contest from 147 items submitted during the period from April 10th to May 10th, after the staff of 162 stores in Japan solicited their proud creative tendon bowls. rice field. Tempura uses "Sakaiminato landed horse mackerel," "myoga," "perilla, okra, squid kakiage," and "eggplant." You can enjoy it with the attached "Grated radish" and "Grated ginger". Comes with miso soup.

The selling price is 830 yen (tax included, same below). In addition, you can order the "Ryona Tendon Service Set" with cold or hot noodles for 1,000 yen, the "Sakaiminato Landed Horse mackerel" for 150 yen, and the "Hiroshima greens (green perilla flavor)" for 100 yen.

Ryona Tendon Bento

Tenya "Ryona Tendon"

"Ryona Tendon Bento" is for take-out. Here, too, "Aji of Sakaiminato landing", "Myoga", "Ooba / Okra / Squid kakiage" and "Eggplant" are used. Grated radish, ginger and miso soup are not included.

The selling price is 800 yen. You can also get cold "small soba" and "small udon" for 250 yen.

As a general rule, each menu is handled at Tenya nationwide, but some are not covered. It will not be sold at "Tendon Tenya Hiratsuka Tamura Store", "Tendon Tenya Kawagoe Noda Store", "Tendon Tenya Uesato Service Area Store", "Tendon Tenya Bunkyo Green Court Store", and "Tendon Tenya Fujikawa Service Area Store".