"Chicken fillet and peppers with plum pon" recipe.

Maybe you can overcome your dislike of bell peppers? Here are three "green pepper recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and were delicious. "Grilled peppers" and "Chicken fillet and peppers with plums". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article

Chicken fillet and peppers with plums

"Chicken fillet and peppers with plum pon " recipe that will appeal to you even on hot days.

"Chicken fillet and peppers with plum pon" recipe

The fresh bitterness of crisp peppers and the plump and juicy chicken fillet are combined into a delicious sauce of plum and ponzu sauce, which is insanely delicious! The richness and aroma of sesame oil is appetizing. The perfect balance of sourness and umami that makes you want to squeeze your mouth makes you eat crisply!

Boiled peppers in the countryside

A simple but juicy and very delicious " green pepper countryside " recipe.

"Boiled peppers in the country" recipe

Bell peppers that have a slightly crispy texture even when they are simmered softly. The bittersweet taste is wrapped in the umami of the soup stock, giving it a mild and gentle taste. Every time you chew, the sweet and spicy broth exudes, making you want to cheek white rice.

Stir-fried chicken fillet and peppers in soy sauce mayonnaise

A simple side dish that combines chicken fillet and peppers, " stir-fried chicken fillet and peppers in soy sauce mayonnaise" recipe.

"Chicken and peppers stir-fried in soy sauce mayonnaise" recipe

The moist and soft chicken fillet and the crispy and refreshing texture of the peppers are a good contrast. Chopsticks advance to the rich richness of mayonnaise. It's perfect as a side dish of rice, and it's a recommended recipe for lunch boxes.