Kiyoken “Summer Cool Food” Series

The "Summer Cool Food" series will be on sale for a limited time from Kiyoken. From June 16th to August 31st, "Obento Summer", "Squid Shumai" and "Yokohama Mooncake Orange" will be available.


Kiyoken “Summer Cool Food” Series

"Obento Natsu" is a dish that is a little assorted of materials unique to this season. Sold at room temperature.

The horse mackerel (horse mackerel), which is in season in summer, has a refreshing sour nanban sauce, and the chewy white rice of Kiyoken is topped with summer-like "edamame and chirimenjako simmered". In addition, vinegared foods with a pleasant texture of crispy wakame seaweed and smooth agar, and "Natsumikan Warabimochi" with a refreshing sweetness are also included. Other side dishes are fried corn, spicy chicken, carrots, simmered sardines, 2 traditional shumai, omelet, and eggplant shibazuke.

Squid dumplings

Kiyoken “Summer Cool Food” Series

"Squid shumai" is sold in a refrigerator with 6 pieces. The sweet crest or edamame, which is in season in summer, is mixed with pork to give it a light taste with kelp soup stock. It is said that you can enjoy shumai with wasabi soy sauce, which is cold and "sashimi-like".

Yokohama moon cake orange

Kiyoken “Summer Cool Food” Series

"Yokohama Tsukimochi Orange" is an orange bean paste accented with a slight bitterness of orange peel, wrapped in sweet and sour jelly using mandarina orange and valencia orange, and is made refreshing for summer.

By cooling, the texture and acidity of the jelly and the refreshing flavor of the mint spirit used as a secret ingredient stand out. In addition, "Yokohama Mooncake 5 pieces", which is a set of 5 types of mooncakes with red beans, chestnuts, Uji matcha, and black sesame, and "Yokohama Mooncake 10 pieces", which is a set of 2 pieces each, are also available. Will be done.

Both are sold at about 150 stores, mainly in Kanagawa and Tokyo. The selling price is as follows. All notations include tax.

・ Obento summer 730 yen ・ Squid dumplings 670 yen ・ Yokohama moon cake orange 160 yen ・ Yokohama moon cake 5 pieces 680 yen ・ Yokohama moon cake 10 pieces 1,400 yen