Kiyoken "Winter Kanagawa Taste Bento"

"Winter Kanagawa Taste Bento" will be released from Kiyoken. From December 1st to January 31st, 2022, it will be available at about 150 stores mainly in Kanagawa and Tokyo. The selling price is 980 yen (tax included).

Kanagawa-flavored bento in winter

Kiyoken "Winter Kanagawa Taste Bento"

As a tie-up project with Kanagawa Prefecture, the seasonal menu of the "Kanagawa Taste Bento" series was born with the concept of "Bento to know and taste Kanagawa". "Misaki tuna boiled in ginger" is made by boiling tuna landed at Misaki Port. The tuna soaked in sweet and spicy sauce is an appetizing tailor. "Stir-fried hijiki seaweed, lotus root and fried tofu" is a stir-fried hijiki seaweed from Miura, which is known for its softness and good taste, and lotus root, which is in season in winter. You can enjoy the texture of lotus root and the rich flavor of sesame oil. "Odawara Kamaboko" is characterized by its elasticity and good texture.

There are two types of rice, and "scallop rice (topping: scallop shigureni)" is cooked with scallops, kelp, carrots, and mountain sardines, and you can enjoy the delicious taste of scallops. "White rice (topping: Umeboshi from Odawara)" is a combination of Umeboshi from Odawara, which is pickled only in salt and dried in the sun, and the chewy white rice from Kiyoken.

In addition, 3 "old-fashioned shiumai", "tamagoyaki", "bamboo shoot boiled", "carrot boiled", "lotus root boiled", "spicy konjac boiled", "lightly pickled style three-color pickled" and "yuzu warabi mochi" are also included. increase.

The hanging paper includes the diplomat's house (Yokohama City), Shonan Jewels (Fujisawa City), Yoriroubaien (Matsuda Town), Mitsuishi and the first sunrise (Manazuru Town), Azumayama Park's rape blossoms and Mt. Fuji (Ninomiya Town), and gifts. The design of famous places in Kanagawa prefecture such as Mt. Fuji (Hakone Town) from Hakone Park is incorporated. In addition, the QR code of the Kanagawa Prefecture Tourism Information Site "Tourism Kanagawa NOW" is also posted.