Kiyoken "Matsukado Bento-Conger Eel Rice-"

"Matsukado Bento-Conger Eel Rice-" will be released from Kiyoken. It will be available for a limited time from June 16th to August 31st.

A new work of the "Matsukado Bento" series, which was created so that you can enjoy the taste of the season with an awareness of "kaiseki cuisine". Assorted rice, grilled food, simmered food, steamed food, Japanese food, fragrance, and sweetness.

Matsukado Bento-Conger Eel Rice-

Kiyoken "Matsukado Bento-Conger Eel Rice-"

The rice is "conger eel rice (brown rice, one boiled conger eel)". A whole large and thick boiled sardine is placed on the elegant taste of tea rice. Boiled sardines entwined with sweet and spicy sauce are appetizing.

The pottery is "thick roasted egg". It is a slightly sweet omelet.

There are 5 types of simmered dishes. These are "Shiitake mushroom simmered", "Hasune white simmered", "Ginseng simmered", and "Nango simmered", including "Himekoya simmered" in which soft sardines with edamame are wrapped in Koya tofu.

There are two types of steamed food. "Old-fashioned shumai" is characterized by its rich flavor using pork and dried scallops, and comes in two pieces. "Steamed corn dumplings" has a fluffy texture and is accented with seasonal corn. A dish that is kneaded with pumpkin and has a bright yellow color.

There are also two types of Japanese products. "Eggplant and chicken plum ankake" is fried eggplant, which is entwined with plum-flavored Japanese-style bean paste along with chicken loosened meat, and is tailored for a refreshing taste. "Colored beans with sesame seeds" is made with edamame, soybeans, red beans, chickpeas, and corn mixed with rich golden sesame seeds, and you can enjoy a deep taste and color.

The incense is "lightly pickled cabbage". You can enjoy the crispy texture of cabbage, and it is also suitable for resting chopsticks.

The sweetness is "Shiimoan no Mizumanju". It is cool like summer and is characterized by the gentle sweetness of purple sweet bean paste.

In addition to over-the-counter sales at about 50 stores in the Tokyo area and about 40 stores in the Kanagawa area, pre-order sales will be made at about 150 stores mainly in Kanagawa and Tokyo. The selling price is 1,350 yen (tax included).