Kiyoken "Colorful Chirashizushi Bento"

"Colorful Chirashizushi Bento" will be available from Kiyoken as a limited-time menu. It will be handled from January 8th to April 3rd. The selling price is 880 yen (tax included).

Kiyoken Aya Chirashizushi Bento

Kiyoken "Colorful Chirashizushi Bento"

The leading role is "Chirashi sushi". On top of the vinegared rice mixed with shiitake mushrooms and kanpyo, vinegar of shrimp, boiled anago, tobiko, mountain auction, pickled lotus root, and broth egg are placed in a rich variety. The appearance is also gorgeous so that you can feel the arrival of spring.

It is also packed with "rape blossoms, bamboo shoots, and carrots." Spring-like ingredients such as rape blossoms and bamboo shoot skin are combined and finished with white soup stock.

In addition to this, two "old-fashioned dumplings" are included. Rich flavor using pork and dried scallops, tailored to bite size. In addition, "Sweet and sour ginger" is spicy and spicy ginger pickles, and it is said that it has a taste that goes well with slightly sweet chirashizushi.

In addition, "Sakura-shaped flower mochi" is also included. It has a lovely sweetness with white bean paste wrapped in a chewy skin.