Caffarel roll cake

Popular roll cakes such as the seasonal "Limone Earl Gray" will be available for pre-order from 17:00 on May 14th at the official Caffarel online shop. Products will be delivered from May 28th to June 10th.

Caffarel roll cake is a popular product that is usually only available at directly managed stores, planned by chef Pastichere (confectionery craftsman) at Caffarel Kobe Kitano Main Store. The products are delivered frozen, so thaw them when you want to eat them. When eaten half-thawed, it has a texture like an ice cream cake. When thawed and eaten, you can enjoy the harmony of moist and fluffy sponge dough and cream.

"Limone Earl Gray" is a seasonal flavor that first appeared in the 2021 online shop. Limone means "lemon" in Italian. Fresh cream and refreshing sour lemon cream are wrapped in a sponge with a fluffy texture that scents Earl Gray tea leaves. Accented with chocolate ganache unique to chocolate brand Caffarel. The price is 2,808 yen per bottle (tax and shipping included).

Caffarel roll cake "Limone Earl Gray"
Limone Earl Gray

"Limone Earl Gray & Gianduja Roll Cake (Set of 2)" is a popular product of Kafarel Kobe Kitano Main Store, where you can enjoy the rich scent of Gianduja with ganache and fresh cream wrapped in fluffy dough. A set of two, "Gianduja Roll" and the seasonal "Limone Earl Gray". The price is 4,752 yen (tax and shipping included).

Caffarel "Gianduja roll cake"
Gianduja roll