Starbucks New Food Holiday Season Winter 2023

Starbucks New Food Holiday Season Winter 2023

A collection of new holiday season food items that will be sequentially released at Starbucks stores starting November 1! The theme is "Wish upon a STARBUCKS HOLIDAY". The lineup includes a total of 10 types, including the "Strawberry Merry Cream Cake" perfect for Christmas, the renewed "Stollen", and the "White Mocha Cake" which will be re-released.

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Starbucks new and re-released food items on November 1


Strawberry Merry Cream Cake

Starbucks "Strawberry Merry Cream Cake".

This cake combines sweet and sour strawberry mousse with mascarpone and white chocolate in a moist and fluffy sponge dough. The cake is decorated with festive Christmas colors. The price is 520 yen (tax included).

White Mocha Cake (re-release)

Starbucks "White Mocha Cake (reappearance)

A cake inspired by Starbucks' "White Mocha" beverage, with the gentle sweetness of white chocolate and just the right amount of coffee flavor. Price: 510 yen.

Cranberry Bliss Bar (re-released

Starbucks "Cranberry Bliss Bar (re-release)

An essential baked good for the holiday season that goes perfectly with Starbucks Christmas Blend. Priced at 300 yen.

Butterscotch Doughnut (re-released

Starbucks "Butterscotch Donut (Re-introduction)

A doughnut with the aroma and rich flavor of butterscotch. Priced at 290 yen.

Almond Chocolate Roll

Starbucks "Almond Chocolate Roll

Chocolate rolls with a balance of sweet chocolate and savory almond slices. Available only at select stores. Price: 310 yen.

Semi-dried tomato pizza toast

Starbucks "Semi-dried Tomato Pizza Toast"

The juicy flavor of the semi-dried tomatoes and tomato sauce is perfectly matched with the richness of the soy milk white sauce, making this pizza toast a perfect breakfast item. Price: 390 yen.

Basil Chicken & Tomato Mozzarella Ishigama Filone (renewed)

Starbucks "Basil Chicken & Tomato Mozzarella Ishigam Filone (Renewed)"

A richly flavored filone that blends juicier chicken with basil, tomato, and mozzarella cheese. Price: 545 yen.

Stollen (renew

Starbucks "Stollen (renewal)

Stollen, a holiday season staple, is now packaged in an original drawstring bag. Priced at 2,160 yen.

Gingerbread Cookies (Renew

Starbucks "Gingerbread Cookies (Renewal)

Gingerbread cookies in an original tin, perfect for the holiday season. Priced at 1,690 yen.

Starbucks New and Relaunched Food


Uji Green Tea Chiffon Cake (Relaunched)

, to be

released on November 22

Starbucks "Uji Green Tea Chiffon Cake (re-released)

Uji green tea chiffon cake with the perfect combination of the bitterness of green tea and whipped cream. Price: 455 yen.

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