Nakau "How much W abalone bowl"
Salmon roe / W abalone bowl

"Nakau", a bowl of rice bowl and Kyoto-style udon noodles, will be served as a "luxury series" from August 6th. Will appear for a limited time. You can also take it home. It will be available until mid-September.

At Nakau, a series of luxurious menus such as salmon roe, tuna, and eel's "Gorgeous" series are on sale, but this time's salmon roe / W abalone bowl follows.

A bowl of two Ezo abalone on top of a large natural salmon roe that is packed tightly in a bowl. You can enjoy a soft texture while having a crunchy texture peculiar to abalone. If you chew together, the texture and taste of abalone will spread throughout your mouth.

At the same time, "Ikura Don" will be resold. The salmon roe is 1.5 times as much as the regular salmon roe, and the salmon roe is 3 times as much as the salmon roe. In addition, Ezo abalone is also available separately, and you can put it on a bowl to make "chasing abalone". The price is as follows. All notations include tax.

・ Salmon roe bowl 1,200 yen ・ Salmon roe W abalone bowl 1,600 yen ・ Salmon roe (single item) 500 yen ・ Salmon roe bowl (small serving) 690 yen ・ Salmon roe bowl (normal serving) 790 yen ・ Salmon roe bowl (large serving) 1,000 yen ・Salmon roe bowl (exciting) 1,800 yen

Nakau "How much abalone bowl"
More affordable "how much abalone bowl" is also available!