Hamazushi "Home made Hamazushi Temakizushi Set".

At Home Sushi Temakizushi Temakizushi Set

On February 27, Hamazushi will release the "Hamazushi Temakizushi Set" to enjoy temakizushi at home. The price is 2,480 yen (excluding tax).

The "Hamazushi at Home Temakizushi Set" is a product that makes it easy to enjoy temakizushi, which is perfect for celebrations such as the Doll's Festival, Children's Day, and birthdays. The set includes 15 kinds of sushi ingredients such as popular sushi items such as tuna and salmon, fresh yellowtail, fresh yellowtail, egg, corn, etc., rice, and 15 sheets of nori (seaweed) for hand-rolled sushi. The nori is cut into individual pieces to make preparation less time-consuming.

You can also make your own original sushi by marinating tuna in soy sauce or mentsuyu to make "marinated tuna," adding takuan to tuna tataki to make "torotaku," or combining it with ingredients and seasonings you already have at home.

Reservations can be made for take-out from February 20. Order online and receive a 5% discount.