Sushiro "Great big thanks for the guesswork festival"

Sushiro's "Great Big Thanks Festival"

Sushiro is holding the "Great Big Thanks Festival" featuring salmon and shrimp sushi from May 16 to May 26.


main items are "In-store cut salmon," which is delivered to the restaurant with its flavor preserved and cut in the restaurant so that the flavor is preserved and enjoyed in its delicious state, and "natural fresh tiger prawn," which is also called the "king of prawns" and is known for its plump texture and the sweet, deep flavor of its prawns. The "king of prawns," the "natural fresh tiger prawns" offer a plump, bouncy texture and a sweet, deep flavor. Both products are offered at 100 yen at all urban, semi-urban, and suburban stores in different price ranges.

Sushiro "In-store cut salmon

Other items include the "Salmon Roll," a roll of salmon, avocado, and cucumber topped with salmon roe; the "Salmon Yangnyeom Nigiri," which combines salmon with a tangy and deliciously spicy Yangnyeom sauce; and the "Smoked Salmon Nigiri," an Italian-style sushi creation that combines smoked salmon, olive oil, black pepper, and lemon. The "Smoked Salmon Carpaccio Style Nigiri" is a creative Italian-style sushi dish that combines smoked salmon with olive oil, black pepper, and lemon, while the "Shrimp Avocado" is the origin of Sushiro.

Sushiro "Salmon Roll

Sushiro To Go" and "Kyotaru Sushiro" are not applicable.
* Sales may be suspended or cancelled, or the number of items sold may vary depending on availability.
* The price of the item includes the cost of the container when ordering take-out.
* Take-out orders for some items may only be available by same-day reservation.

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