Starbucks "Banana Brulee Frappuccino


"Banana Brulee Frappuccino," "Banana Rice Flour Muffin," and "Banana

Rice Flour Roll Cake" The "Banana Brulee Frappuccino" will be available at Starbucks from May 29 to July 9 (except at some stores). Desserts "Banana Rice Flour Muffin" and "Banana Rice Flour Roll Cake" will also be available on May 29.

Banana Brulee Frappuccino

Bananas are the most familiar fruit eaten in Japan. Despite their delicious taste, 20,000 tons (*1) of bananas are discarded annually around the world because they fall outside of strict standards due to overripeness, flaws, and other reasons. The Banana Brûlée Frappuccino was created with the aim of taking action to give back to the producers in a positive way, while tasting good and not wasting anything on the earth. Together with the two newly introduced desserts, we expect to use approximately 3 million "Mottainai Bananas" (*2).

banana waste

1 The number of bananas produced in the Philippines by Dole Co.
*2 The weight of one raw banana (with peel) is defined as 150g (5.29oz), and the number of "Mottainai Banana" ingredients used in the planned sales of "Banana Brulee Frappuccino", "Banana Rice Flour Muffin" and "Banana Rice Flour Roll Cake" is calculated based on the amount of ingredients used in the "Banana Brulee Frappuccino", "Banana Rice Flour Muffin" and "Banana Rice Flour Roll Cake".

Inspired by the dessert of caramelized bananas (a method of burning sugar until it becomes caramelized), this drink allows you to fully enjoy the deep sweetness of ripe bananas and the bitter caramel flavor. The star of the Frappuccino is the pulp sauce made from ripe bananas poured into the bottom of the Frappuccino. The sweetness and gentle sourness of ripe bananas are well-balanced and cool down your body in early summer.

Starbucks "Banana Brulee Frappuccino

The almond milk Frappuccino and whipped cream are paired with the banana pulp, and the caramel sauce, which has a slightly bitter flavor, is added on top of the whipped cream. Also mixed in are brûlée chips, which have a fun texture like burnt and crushed sugar. The crunchy mouthfeel that pops through the straw stands out as an accent.

The first sip is the sweetness of the banana, the second is the bitter flavor of the caramel, and the third is the pleasant crunchy texture of the brûlée chips. Tall size only. Tall size only, 678 yen to-go, 690 yen in-store (tax included, same below).

Almond milk is used.
* Almond milk is not milk or a dairy drink, but this product contains dairy ingredients.


Rice Flour Muffin The popular "Banana Rice Flour Muffin" released last summer retains the deep sweetness of bananas and the firm texture of rice flour, but adds "banana sauce" to the batter and "banana chips" to the top. The muffin has been renewed using Mottainai banana for the batter banana sauce and the banana chips on the top surface. The price is 285 yen for take-out and 290 yen for in-store use.


rice flour roll cake

All banana ingredients are made from "Mottainai banana". It is a light dish characterized by the sweetness of bananas, the fluffy and chunky texture of the dough, and the reduced sweetness of the vegetable whipped cream. Take-out: 437 yen; in-store use: 445 yen.

Starbucks "Banana Rice Flour Muffin" and "Banana Rice Flour Roll Cake

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