Nippon Ham "Restaurant carbonara" "Donburi prosperous roasted chicken oyakodon ingredients"

Nippon Ham will release "Restaurant Carbonara" and "Donburi Prosperous Roasted Chicken Oyakodon" as retort pouch foods on February 20th through mass retailers and grocery stores nationwide.

According to Nippon-Ham, while the demand for "home-cooked meals" is increasing due to the corona virus, room temperature products that can be purchased in bulk and stored for a long time are popular because of the desire to reduce the frequency of shopping. Both of the new menus that appear in both the "Restaurant Specifications" and "Donburi Prosperity" series are suitable for such purposes.

"Restaurant Carbonara" has an estimated price of 540 yen (tax included, same below), and comes in 4 bags of 120g (4.23oz) each. It is one of the 6 types of restaurant specification series, and it is characterized by being finished in a time-consuming manner like a restaurant kitchen.

The estimated price of "Donburi prosperous roasted chicken oyakodon bowl" is 648 yen. Contains 3 bags of 160g (5.64oz) per bag. It is one of the three types of donburi prosperity series, and has been launched as a special donburi with the delicious taste of meat and vegetables.