Kiyoken "Matsukado Bento-Sea Bream Rice-"

A limited-time menu "Matsukado Bento-Sea Bream Rice-" will be on sale at Kiyoken. Handling from March 1st to June 15th.

The selling price is 1,350 yen (tax included). In addition to pre-order sales at about 150 stores mainly in Kanagawa and Tokyo, over-the-counter sales are also available at about 50 stores in the Tokyo area and about 30 stores in the Kanagawa area.

The staple food, "sea bream rice," is a seasonal dish with three slices of fragrant sea bream grilled with salt on top of rice cooked with sea bream broth and sea bream soup stock.

The side dish that complements the sardine rice is Yuzu's "Chicken Tsukune Kushi no Kneaded Umekake with Colorful Vegetables", which is made by adding a refreshing kneaded plum to the Tsukune, which has a pleasant texture of chicken cartilage, and is combined with paprika and sashimi. "Makoto Sakura Ebi and Yamaseri Ankake with Yuzu", which is made by entwining white bean paste with white soup stock and entwined with fruit skin, and plumply cooked beans and chicken meatballs with the scent of Sansho "Mame and chicken meatballs with bean paste" etc.

In addition to this, two "old-fashioned shiumai", "thick roasted egg", "simmered bamboo shoots", "ganmodoki simmered", "ume-shaped carrot simmered", "konoha simmered sardines, shiitake mushrooms" and "lotus root simmered" are also included. I am. As for the sweetness, it is packed with "Matcha Annomizu Manju" which has a refreshing feeling.