From "Choconomi" Made in Pierre Herme

The new chocolate drink "Choconomi" has been released from the Gransta Tokyo store and Kichijoji store of "Made in Pierre Herme".

Chocolate drinks are the prototype of today's chocolate and have been drunk from the Maya Aztec civilization. In "Made in Pierre Herme", this drink with a long history is served with yuzu from Kochi and caramel made from salt from Okinawa, in line with the brand concept of "disseminating the excellent things of Japan to the world". It is combined.

"Choconomi" is a drink created by combining "chocolate," "drinking," and "preference." The lineup is as follows.

・ Chocolate milk (67% cacao, milk) Price is 550 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below)

Made in Pierre Herme "Choconomi Milk (67% cacao, milk)"

・ Chokonomi Yuzu (67% cacao, milk, Kochi Yuzu) Price is 600 yen

Made in Pierre Herme "Choconomi Yuzu (67% cacao, milk, Kochi Yuzu)"

・ Chocolate caramel (67% cacao, milk, caramel made from Okinawan salt) Price is 600 yen

Made in Pierre Herme "Choconomi Caramel (67% cacao, milk, caramel made from Okinawan salt)"

■ Made in Pierre Herme Pierre Herme , a pastry chef who builds a "world of taste, sensibility, and joy" with the motto "Only the joy of taste is the only guideline", has opened its first store of its own brand in Japan. He has a deep connection with Japan, such as choosing, and every time he visits Japan, he visits producers all over Japan and incorporates yuzu, wasabi, Japanese tea, etc. into his own creations. "Made in Pierre Herme" is a concept shop that sends out the wonderful things of Japan that he has selected from Japan to the world. In addition to groceries, kitchen miscellaneous goods, and fashion items in collaboration with excellent producers from all over Japan, macaroons, chocolates, and baked goods gifts are lined up.