Morinaga Milk Industry "Mount Rainier Café Latte Cacao Mint

Mount Rainier Café Latte

Cacao M

int Morinaga Milk Industry will reissue Mount Rainier Café Latte Cacao Mint, which was selected first in the "Mount Rainier Reprinted Flavor General Election" held in January 2023 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the launch of "Mount Rainier". The release date is June 13. Limited time offer. The content is 240 ml and the price is 180 yen (excluding tax).

Mount Rainier Café Latte Cacao Mint" is the perfect summer flavor coffee with a rich cacao-scented café mocha and a hint of refreshing mint. It has a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness, creating a taste that you will never get tired of. The espresso coffee is made from domestically roasted coffee beans carefully selected by employees certified as coffee connoisseurs, and freshly ground beans are brewed in-house.

Mount Rainier Reprinted Flavor General


"Mount Rainier Reprinted Flavor General Election" is a campaign in which people vote for the "flavor they would like to drink again" from among eight popular flavors released in the past, and the product selected as No. 1 is re-released, As a result of approximately 70,000 votes, "Cacao Mint" came in first place, "Honao, Matcha" second place, and "Caramel Nut" third place. Cacao Mint" was in second place at the time of the interim announcement on January 26, but the "ChocoMint Party," which loves ChocoMint in particular, boosted the number of votes to take the top spot, far ahead of the second-place finishers.