St. Mark's Cafe "Premium Chococlo Silver Melty White Chocolat".

St. Mark's Cafe White Day Menu

At St. Mark's Cafe, "Premium Chococlo Silver Melty White Chocolat," "Triple Melty Chocolate Smoothie," and "Triple Melty Hot Chocolate" will be available as White Day products from February 15 (Wed) to March 14 (Tue) They will be available for a limited time only.

Premium Chococlo Silver Melty White Chocolat

A White Day limited edition from the "Premium Chococlo" series. The special cocoa-flavored dough is used to create a crispy texture and a glutinous inside. The bitter ganache that melts out and the white chocolate with a milky taste are exquisite.

St. Mark's Cafe "Premium Chococlo Silver Melty White Chocolat".

To complement the cocoa dough, only half the powdered sugar is used for decoration. The tip is sprinkled with sparkling silver leaf sugar for a romantic look.

St. Mark's Cafe "Premium Chococlo Silver Melty White Chocolat".

Priced individually at 280 yen and in a box of five at 1,200 yen (tax included).

Triple Melty Chocolate Smoothie

: A unique White Day drink using three kinds of chocolate. The addition of condensed milk to the chocolate base creates a taste that is neither too sweet nor too bitter, and is popular with a wide range of people.

St. Mark's Cafe "Triple Melty Chocolate Smoothie

Milk and white chocolate flakes are topped on top of the rich whipped cream. S size only, 590 yen.

Triple Melty Hot Chocolate

- topped with an abundance of milk and white chocolate flakes. Take a sip before the chocolate flakes melt. Enjoy the slightly bitter taste.

St. Mark's Cafe "Triple Melty Hot Chocolate

The bottom of the cup is filled with condensed milk. The milkiness is added by stirring, and the melted chocolate flakes make the taste even richer. S size only: 590 yen.

When you dip St. Mark's Cafe's signature "Chococlo" into the limited-time "Triple Melty Hot Chocolate," the chocolate soaks into the croissant dough, giving it a moist texture. The Choco Croissant and rich hot chocolate are a perfect match.

St. Mark's Cafe "Triple Melty Hot Chocolate

Sales may end without prior notice.
May not be available at all stores.