Godiva "Mushroom Marron Chocolixa

Godiva Mushibu



A new flavor, "Mushibu Marron Chocolixer" will be available for a limited time at Godiva stores that sell Chocolixer. The release date is September 15. Regular size (210 ml) 700 yen, large size (350 ml) 790 yen (both including tax).

The "


Marron Chocolixer" is made with Godiva's milk chocolate, marron paste and roasted chestnut syrup, and topped with whipped cream and sweet chestnuts in syrup. This autumn-only drink allows you to enjoy the milky chocolate flavor, the aroma of roasted chestnuts on the nose, and the texture of the mashed sweet chestnuts that break apart when you bite into it. You can enjoy the flavor of chestnuts covered with a Western aroma in a rich chocolate flavor.

The Godiva Mushibu Marron Chocolixer allows you to enjoy the taste of fall with chocolate. How about a little treat?

The prices shown include 8% consumption tax (10% tax is applied for eat-in customers).