Antostella "Thick baked chocolate covered cookies" series 3 kinds

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"Thick Baked Chocolate-Covered Cookies" Series

: Three Kinds of Cookies Ant Stella will sell three kinds of "Thick Baked Chocolate-Covered Cookies" series, which are a little greedy and different from the usual, from November 1 to February 29, 2024. This is the seventh release in the "Aunt Stella's Dream Cookie Project. The price is 535 yen (including tax) per 100g (3.53oz) (about 30g (1.06oz) per cookie).

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Thick baked chocolate covered cookies series

Thick baked chocolate covered cookie series

The "Aunt Stella's Dream Cookie Project" started on September 1, 2022, to develop new cookies to be sold by volume under the theme of "Aunt Stella's Dream Cookie. The seventh cookie in the project is the "Thick Baked Chocolate-Covered Cookie," a thickly baked cookie based on a popular cookie recipe, topped with chocolate, making a single cookie a satisfying treat.

The lineup includes three types: "Thick Baked Chocolate Chip (milk chocolate)," "Thick Baked Plain (white chocolate)," and "Thick Baked Double Choconut (bitter chocolate).

Thick Baked Chocolate Chip

(Milk Chocolate

Antostella "Thick baked chocolate chip (milk chocolate)

Cookies filled with chip chocolate and finished with milk chocolate. The cookies have a good balance of sweetness and a deep flavor that harmonizes the chip chocolate and the milk chocolate coating.

Thick baked plain (white chocolate)

Antostella "Thick Baked Plain (White Chocolate)

Plain cookies with a buttery aroma, topped with white chocolate. The creamy, gentle taste of butter and white chocolate.

Thick baked

double chocolate nut (bitter style chocolate

Antostella "Thick Baked Double Chocolate Nuts (Bitter-Style Chocolate)

A cookie with a rich flavor of chocolate dough filled with chocolate chips and almond dice, and finished with bitter chocolate. These cookies are a perfect way to enjoy bittersweet chocolate.

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