Nakau Asari Udon

At each "Nakau" store, the creative udon "Asari Udon" using shelled clams will be on sale. Limited time offer from February 18th.

"Asari Udon" is a menu with plenty of shelled clams. With each bite, the scent of the tide and the taste of the clams spread throughout your mouth. The soup of clams is added to the udon soup stock, which is the pride of Nakau, with bonito and kelp, and it is finished in a rich buttery dish. Topped with green onions to accent the color and texture. You can enjoy the taste of the clams with plenty of flavor.

The product list is as follows.

・ Clam udon average 490 yen ・ Clam udon small 350 yen

* All prices include tax * You can take it home * Sales will end in mid-April * Sand may rarely enter the clams. In addition, the clam shell may crack during the cooking process. * Scheduled to be sold at 463 stores (as of February 12), excluding some stores.