Hanamaru Udon "Plenty of umami! Clam Udon"

From January 19th, "Hanamaru Udon" will be on sale for a limited time at each "Hanamaru Udon" store.

"Plenty of umami! Clam udon" is a menu that has appeared for four consecutive years in response to its popularity. It is sold for a limited time every year.

Plenty of "hamaguri" filled with umami is used. "Hamaguri", which is full of udon noodles, is irresistible for shellfish lovers. The wakame seaweed that accompanies the "hamaguri" also plays a supporting role, and the compatibility between the "hamaguri" and the wakame seaweed is outstanding.

By putting "Hamaguri" in a special soup stock and simmering it well, the soup stock and umami become familiar, and you can enjoy the aroma and umami that you cannot taste with other udon noodles. It is inevitable that you will want to enjoy the umami and drink it up to the last drop.

Hanamaru Udon "Plenty of umami! Clam Udon"

The sale period is until the middle of March. The price is (small) 590 yen (medium) 690 yen (large) 790 yen (excluding tax). You can To go. The stores are "Hanamaru business format" nationwide. However, Hokkaido, Aomori, Akita, Iwate, and Yamagata prefectures are excluded.