Maruzen "Chi Kama Edamame Flavor"

Maruzen will release "Chi Kama Edamame Flavored 4 Bunches" on March 1st. It comes in a bundle of 30g (1.06oz) x 4 and the price is 240 yen (excluding tax). Shipment starts on February 22nd.

"Chi Kama" has been adopted for school lunch because it is easy to get nutrition of fish and cheese, and today it is sold at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide, Maruzen, which has reached its 50th anniversary. One of the signature products of.

"Edamame flavor" is a hit flavor that was newly released in 2019 as a limited-time planned product (5 bundles) and shipped from the "1 bundle in 15 seconds" factory. The following year, when it was released for a limited time in 2020, it achieved a record of "1 bundle in 12 seconds", which exceeded the previous year's level.

Maruzen's "Chi Kama Edamame Flavor" is perfect as a snack for sake. Recommended for repeaters, first-timers, and those who say, "I used to eat cheese but haven't eaten recently." Why don't you pick it up when you see it?

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