Slime Kamaboko (Metal Slime Version) Set" from Suzuhiro Kamaboko

Suzuhiro Kamaboko Slime Kamaboko (Metal Slime Version

) Set Dragon Quest Walk x Suzuhiro Kamaboko

Suzuhiro Kamaboko will sell the "Slime Kamaboko (Metal Slime Version) Set," one of the products developed in collaboration with Square Enix's "Real Souvenir Project" for "Dragon Quest Walk," a location-based RPG for smartphones operated by Square Enix. One of the products developed in the "Real Souvenir Project" for Square Enix's location-based RPG "Dragon Quest Walk" is the "Slime Kamaboko (Metal Slime Version) Set". The product will go on sale on September 12. The set will be available in limited quantities in two-packs for 1,026 yen (tax included).

Slime Kamaboko (Metal Slime

Version) Set This product includes two pieces of "Slime Kamaboko" and "Metal Slime Kamaboko. The package is designed using the traditional technique of "katazome" (stencil dyeing) and finished in metallic colors to resemble metal slime. To preserve the original taste of fish, no preservatives or chemical seasonings are used, and the fish is colored with natural coloring materials such as gardenia pigment (slime) and black sesame (metal slime).

Slime Kamaboko (Metal Slime Version) Set" from Suzuhiro Kamaboko

Stores selling the product are as follows

Suzuhiro Kamaboko no Sato Suzunari Ichiba, CAFE107, Suzuhiro Kamaboko Odawara Ekimae Store, Laska Odawara Store, Ishibashi Store, Odawara Dynacity Store, Enoura Store