Yamasa Kamaboko is a crab!

Yamasa Kamaboko M

eccha Kani-yan Yamasa Kamaboko will sell a crab flavored fish paste "Meccha Kani-yan". The product contains two pieces and is priced at 400 yen (tax not included). The product will be available in September and December.



"Meccha Kaniyan" is made of high-quality surimi and finished with ultra-fine fibers to reproduce a crab-like texture. Crab-flavored kamaboko is used as a topping for salads and as an ingredient in dishes. On the other hand, "Mecha Kani-yan" is made in a thicker size so that each piece can be eaten as a snack. It is tasty enough as it is, but it is even better if you sear the surface and sprinkle it with sudachi (a Japanese citrus fruit).