Jagarico seaweed salt butter flavor

From the Calbee "Jagarico" brand, the popular "Jagarico Nori Salt Butter Flavor", which was sold for a limited time in 2019, will be re-released. It will be released on February 8th, ahead of convenience stores nationwide, and on February 22nd except for convenience stores.

"Jagarico Nori Salt Butter Flavor" was developed with the desire to enjoy the taste of "Norisio", which is popular as a flavor of "Potato Chips", even under the "Jagarico" brand, and will be released for a limited time in 2019. After the sale, "It has a good flavor and the mellowness of butter is an accent and it is really delicious. I want it to be revived someday." "The light taste of seaweed salt and the richness of butter are just right and it is too delicious. I want you to make it a standard." In the Jagariko fan site questionnaire (conducted in November 2019, n = 180), more than 90% of people evaluated it as "delicious", so it was re-released.

The feature is that "grilled seaweed grains" and "butter-flavored flakes" are kneaded into the stick-shaped dough. You can enjoy the three ingredients of glue, salt and butter in a well-balanced manner. A pleasant texture that is "crispy at the beginning and crispy afterwards" using a unique manufacturing method.

The estimated price is around 150 yen (tax included). Scheduled to sell out in early September.