Calbee "Jagariko potato powder salt butter flavor

Calbee's "Jagarico" brand will release "Jagarico Nori-Shio Butter Flavor" at convenience stores on April 4. It will be available at all stores except convenience stores on April 18.

Jagarico potato powder salt butter flavor

This product was developed with the hope that the popular "Norishio" flavor of potato chips could also be enjoyed in the Jagarico brand. In 2021, when the product was re-launched, it received many comments such as "I like the balance of nori, salt and butter, and it's easy to eat" and "I want it to be sold as a regular product". The decision was made.

Jagariko" has a rich aroma of nori (seaweed) and the mild richness of butter. The stick-shaped dough is kneaded with grilled nori and butter-flavored flakes. The nori flavor enhances the rich taste of the potatoes. The unique manufacturing process gives it a pleasant "crispy at first, crunchy later" texture.

The packaging is based on the image of nori (seaweed) in green and butter in yellow. A sizzling photo of a potato with butter and nori on top is prominently displayed in the center of the package. High-intensity ink is used to create a high quality design that stands out in stores.

The product has a content of 52g (1.83oz) and an estimated price of around 150 yen (including tax). The product will be available at convenience stores in early September 2022, and will be discontinued at other stores in mid-September.