Jagarico Gratin Flavor BITS from Calbee.

Calbee Jagarico Gratin Flavor bits

From Calbee's bite-sized, easy-to-crunch "Jagarico bits" series, a new product with a creamy flavor, "Jagarico Gratin Flavor bits" is now on sale. It will be sold at convenience stores for a limited time. The product will be on sale until mid-April. The product weighs 34g (1.2oz) and is priced at around 125 yen (tax included).


Gratin Flavor bits "Gratin Flavor" is a highly anticipated flavor that won second place in the "Jagarico Flavor Survey" conducted by the official Jagarico Twitter in 2020 by a narrow margin. The flavor was so well received that the company decided to re-launch the product. The decision was made to re-launch the product.

Jagarico is a gratin-flavored "Jagarico" baked with a rich cream sauce made by boiling down milk and onions, adding chicken, and topping it with cheese. You can enjoy the gentle creamy taste. The package is conveniently packaged in a stand-up pack with a zipper so that you can enjoy just the right amount whenever you like. The checkered pattern is reminiscent of a Western-style tablecloth, creating a warm atmosphere that complements the gratin flavor.


bits "Jagarico bits" is a popular series that has been on sale since 2019 (currently "Jagarico Salad bits" is on sale) in the form of bite-sized sticks that are shorter than regular "Jagarico". The package has a zipper for easy placement on a desk and convenient carrying. The stand-up pack packaging is easy to reclose, so you can enjoy the right amount of "Jagarico" whenever you want.