Jagarico Honey Butter Chicken Flavor

Calbee's "Jagarico" brand will release "Jagarico Honey Butter Chicken Flavor," which is sweet and juicy at the same time.

Jagarico Honey Butter Chicken Flavor

Jagarico Honey Butter Chicken Flavor was developed so that consumers can easily enjoy the taste of "Honey Butter Chicken," which has been gaining popularity in recent years among Korean gourmet foods that have been attracting attention as a trend. It is a well-balanced combination of "Honey Butter," which is popular among women, and "Chicken," a popular flavor of Jagarico.

The juicy fried chicken and the sweet and tangy taste of honey and butter match each other to create an addictive flavor. The unique manufacturing process gives it a pleasant "crispy at first, crunchy later" texture.

The package is based on a pink color with neon-light-like illustrations. The package is based on a pink background with neon-light-like illustrations, creating a cute design.

The product will go on sale nationwide at convenience stores from May 16, with a suggested retail price of approximately 150 yen (tax included). The product will be available at all stores except convenience stores on May 30, and will be on sale until mid-August.