Kiyoken "Colorful Chirashi Bento"
(* The source of the image is the official website of Kiyoken)

Kiyoken has announced on its official website that a seasonal "colored chirashizushi lunch box" will be available. It is launched as a menu where you can feel the arrival of spring. It will be on sale from January 21st to April 30th.

The selling price is 880 yen (tax included), and the calories are 473 kcal. The main food, Chirashizushi, is made gorgeously with shrimp vinegar, boiled anago, tobiko, seasoned shiitake mushrooms, mountain sardines, lotus root pickled in vinegar, and brocaded egg as toppings.

In addition to this, there are "rape blossoms, bamboo shoots and carrots" that use spring-like ingredients as side dishes, two "old-fashioned shumai" that are typical of Kiyoken, and "sweet and sour ginger" for sweetness. "Sakura-shaped flower cake" is included.

The colorful chirashizushi lunch boxes will be sold at room temperature at about 100 stores in the Kanagawa area and about 20 stores in the Tokyo area. We also support delivery services. You can check the delivery area and delivery conditions from the official website of Kiyoken.