Payang prison spicy curry
(* The source of the image is Maruka Foods official website and official Twitter account)

It was announced on the official website that Maruka Foods will release a cup of yakisoba "Peyoung Jigoku Spicy Curry". It will be on sale from January 18th.

The estimated price is 208 yen per piece (excluding tax). The second in the "Peyangu Prison Spicy" series, following the popular "Peyangu Prison Spicy Yakisoba" that appeared in 2020. It was talked about as being three times as hot as the conventional super spicy cup yakisoba "Peyoung super spicy yakisoba END", but this time it is newly tailored to a curry taste. Kayaku is cabbage and minced chicken seasoned.

"Spicy enough to cry" has been set out, and it is introduced as a product that does not disappoint the expectations of extremely spicy fans. The content is 117g (4.13oz) and the calories are 528kcal.

Payang prison spicy curry

The amount of hot water required for cooking is 480 ml. The cooking method is the same as before. Peel off the exterior, remove the lid halfway, take out the sauce and the hot water, first open the hot water on the noodles, pour boiling water up to the inner line, cover it, open the hot water drain after 3 minutes and slowly discard the hot water. Mix the sauce well and you're done.