Maruka Foods "Peyoung Jigoku Spicy Mapo Yakisoba"

It was announced on the official website that "Peyoung Jigoku Spicy Mapo Yakisoba" will appear as a new flavor of cup yakisoba from Maruka Foods. It will be available for a limited time from September 6th. The estimated price is 205 yen (excluding tax).

Payang prison spicy mapo tofu fried noodles

A new work of the "Hell Geki Spicy" series, which is characterized by spiciness among the "Peyoung" brands. In addition to the same spiciness as the conventional prison spicy series, it is a dish that has the umami of mapo tofu. It is said that the taste of Mapo tofu, which is felt in the spiciness of crying, has been finished in a addictive taste. Kayaku is minced pork and chicken, tofu, and green onions.

The content is 114g (4.02oz) and the calories are 551kcal. The amount of hot water required for cooking is 480 ml. To cook, first peel off the exterior film, peel off the lid to the line, and take out the sauce and sardine. Pour the kayaku over the noodles, pour boiling water up to the inner line, and cover. After 3 minutes, discard the hot water from the hot water outlet, remove all the lids, and mix the sauce well.