Maruka Foods "Peyoung Super Spicy Yakisoba Mashimashi Cabbage"
(The source of the image is Maruka Food Official Website)

It was announced on the official website that the new cup yakisoba "Peyoung Super Spicy Yakisoba Mashimashi Cabbage" has been released from the Maruka Foods "Peyoung" brand. FamilyMart will be pre-sold from December 6th, and general sales will start from December 20th. The estimated price is 300 yen (excluding tax).

Payang Super Spicy Yakisoba Mashimashi Cabbage

It is a spicy flavor that appears in the "Mashimashi cabbage" series, which uses an unprecedented amount of cabbage. It is said that the cabbage that overflows in the cup is a masterpiece, and you can feel the sweetness of the cabbage firmly by combining it with a spicy sauce. In addition to cabbage, minced chicken is seasoned.

One meal is 262g (9.24oz) and the calories are 1,178kcal. The amount of hot water required for cooking is 820 ml. To cook, peel off the exterior film, peel off the lid halfway, take out the sauce, and then open the noodles, pour boiling water up to the inner line, and cover. After 3 minutes, discard the hot water, remove all the lids, and mix the sauce well to complete.