House food "GABAN herb rich blend"

From House Foods, general-purpose seasoning "GABAN Herb Rich Blend" will be released at supermarkets on February 8th. The content is 57g (2.01oz), and the estimated price is 420 yen (excluding tax).

"GABAN Herb Rich Blend" allows you to enjoy the deliciousness and aroma of authentic herbs with just one cook. An exquisite blend of seven herbs, rosemary, oregano, basil, sage, thyme, parsley and dill, and savory rock salt.

As a result of trial and error to thicken the taste without disturbing the taste of herbs as a taste creation to increase versatility, by using miso as a hidden taste, we realized a flavor that is easy to match with various dishes. did. Seven kinds of herbs are blended in an exquisite balance to make it easy to eat so that it goes well with meat dishes such as grilled chicken and fish dishes such as sautéed white fish.

"GABAN Herb Rich Blend" is recommended for those who want to easily enjoy authentic spicy dishes. It seems convenient to keep it in stock.