"Roast chicken (herbs & spices)" at Ministop
Roast chicken (herbs & spices) has been renewed!

The fragrant "roast chicken (herbs & spices)" will be on sale from March 27th at the convenience store "Ministop". It has a lower calorie than the battered "Juicy Chicken Plain" and has a rich taste.

This is a renewed version of the menu released in 2018. It is characterized by its boneless ease of eating and low calories due to its lack of batter.

In addition to herbs such as parsley and rosemary, garlic powder and smoked flavors are newly added to the seasoning, and the amount of black pepper is also increased, giving it a richer and richer taste.

It's perfect as a side dish for lunch or as a side dish for dinner. One calorie is 187 kcal. The juicy chicken plain with batter is 283 kcal, so it has 34% less calories than that.

The selling price is 168 yen (excluding tax) excluding tax, and a reduced tax rate of 8% is applied for take-out, which is 181 yen. Ministop with eat-in can be used in-store, but a tax rate of 10% will be applied.