Pompador "Indian Chai" "Turkish Apple" "Spanish Orange"

Nowadays it's hard to go on a trip. Introducing the Pompadour "World Series", where you can enjoy traveling abroad with herbal tea.

Pompadour is an herbal tea brand launched in 1913 by the well-established German tea maker Tea Kanen. You can often see it in supermarkets and imported food stores in Japan.

The "World Series" is an herbal tea made with the image of various countries. I actually drank 3 of them. The content is 2.5g (0.18oz) x 10 tea bags, and the estimated price is 300 yen each (excluding tax).

Pompador "Indian Chai" "Turkish Apple" "Spanish Orange"

Indian chai

A blend of black tea with cinnamon, chicory, ginger, cardamom, sweet blackberry leaf, cloves and black pepper. An exotic scent that rises softly from the steam. Each spice is well-balanced. A deep taste woven by sweetness and a slight stimulus. If you drink it as it is, it will be a little quirky, but adding milk will make it milder.

Pompador "Indian Chai"

Turkish apple

Non-caffeine tea blended with apple, sweet blackberry leaf, rose hips, orange peel, licorice, and hibiscus. A refreshing taste that combines the sweetness of apple with the acidity of rose hips and hibiscus. The slightly effective fig scent leaves an elegant finish.

Pompador "Turkish Apple"

Spanish orange

Non-caffeine tea blended with apple, hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaf, white hibiscus, concentrated orange juice bits, and licorice. Fresh sweet and sour spreads in your mouth. The aftertaste is refreshing thanks to the fruity acidity. You can enjoy it more refreshingly by cooling it and then dividing it with carbonated water.

Pompador "Spanish Orange"

All three types have an exotic taste that is different from the tea that is familiar in Japan. The first bite feels like "Is it a little quirky?", But I'm addicted to it. All have a slight sweetness and do not require sugar. Why don't you enjoy a fleeting trip with herbal tea while thinking about a distant country?

Pompador "Indian Chai" "Turkish Apple" "Spanish Orange"