LeTAO "Hokkaido Strawberry Double"

From Otaru Western confectionery store LeTAO, the cheesecake double fromage flavor "Hokkaido Strawberry Double" will be on sale at the official online shop. The price is 1,728 yen (tax included, same below). Shipping fee is 890 yen. The size is 12 cm in diameter. The sale period is until March 14th. Delivery period is until March 20th.

The lovely pink strawberry-flavored double fromage is finally here again this year! This seasonal double fromage is made from Hokkaido strawberries.

Strawberries cultivated in Tokachi, Hokkaido are used. It has a refreshing acidity and moderate sweetness, making it a perfect strawberry for sweets. The lower layer of baked cheese made from this strawberry paste and cream cheese is overlaid with rare cheese made from Northern Italian mascarpone cheese, which has a mellow richness and a rich milky feel.

The basis of the taste is LeTAO original cream. Although it has a strong milk fat content of 42%, it is made with a mysteriously refreshing taste by adding sugar beet from Hokkaido. The strawberry and framboise-flavored clams on the cake come together and melt in your mouth.

In addition, a set of double fromage that can be compared with the standard taste is also available. The price is 5,184 yen.

LeTAO "Set of Double Fromage Only for Now"